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The Kids Hunting Foundation will be having a free youth pheasant hunting day at Traxler's hunting preserve in Le Center, MN on October 30th, 2022. Registration is required, all applicants will have to register in advance for this event. This event is a parent/guardian and kid event, everyone gets a to hunt for free. We only have a certain amount of spots available and pre-registration is required before the day of the event.

For details send us this information.

Title - Free Pheasant Hunt
Parent or guardians name that will hunting.
Kids name and age.

We will send you all the information on the event.

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Rules and Regulations for this event are at the bottom of this Page.

Thanks, Kids Hunting Foundation

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Rules and Regulations for 2022 Pheasant Hunt

Rules and Regulations for free hunting event at Traxler's hunting preserve, Oct, 30 2022 by Kids Hunting Foundation. All kids between the ages of 12 to 15 will have to be accompanied by an adult that will hunt with them. Our goal is to make this a family event with parents/guardians and kids hunting together. A great day for a family experience. Kids 16 to 18 don't need an adult with them to hunt, but their parents are required to sign a liability waiver form. Parents/Guardians that are hunting with their kids will be required to sign a liability waiver form for their kids. Liability waiver forms will be signed for both organizations before the hunt. Forms will be supplied ahead of time and at the day of the hunt. All youths under the age of 18 are required to prove that they have had firearms training and must provide proof. Everyone will be required to have all the federal and or state licenses and or stamps required to hunt. Traxler's no longer allows the use of lead shot, all participants are required to use steel shot when hunting during this event. We recommend steel shot size 4. All participants will have to bring their own shotgun with steel shot loads. We do not supply shotguns or shells during the event, you will be required to have your own. All participants will follow all federal and state laws and regulations while hunting, including ours and Traxler's rules and regulations. We are only going to register a certain amount of people for this event. Once the event is full, we will not be registering any more participants. Pre-registration is required.

For more details, send us this information.
Title - Free Pheasant Hunt
Adult or Guardians Name
Kids Name and Age

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​We will send you all the information for this event.

Thanks, Kids Hunting Foundation

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