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Kids Hunting Foundation Memorial Donations

List of individuals who have donated in memorial of a past loved one at Kids Hunting Foundation

Below is a list of individuals who have donated to kids hunting foundation in memoriam of a past loved one

If you wish to donate in honor of a past loved one, please do so. 

If you donate through paypal, just add a note or email us with the information and we will add it to the page. If you're sending in a check, just put a note in with it and we will add it to the page
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List of Memorial Donors

I made a donation in memory of Jasen Hendrickson who passed 6 years ago today! Besides being a an avid fisherman he was a loving brother, son, friend, and uncle! His family misses him very much and I hope this is enough to do something good for a child in need in his memory! God bless, Josh Hendrickson

Lisa Gross has made a donation In memory of Vincent Marinello, who was a strong and determined fisherman who came to this country to provide for his family. Upon his hard-work and love for the sea, he built a life for his family and generations to come

Jane Marti made a donation in memory of her late uncle Eugene Zimmerman. She says Eugene was an avid outdoorsman and loved to fish. He mentored troubled youth and your organization seems to be a fitting place to honor his memory.

Karon Bartley, Mike and Karon Bennett have made a donation on behalf of Jesse Fenton Creel who passed away on September 14, 2018. Jesse was a resident of Meridian, Mississippi and loved spending time fishing with his family and friends.

Stephanie Jesse made a donation in memory of her husband Jeff Jesse. He passed away on 6-17-18, he was an avid outdoorsman and taught so many young kids to fish, hunt and enjoy the great outdoors. We felt like your foundation was the best for memorial donations.

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